My Favorite Resources

Below is a list of my favorite resources; these are all items that I personally use and recommend to friends and clients alike on a regular basis.


01. Tombow Mono Adhesive + Applicator

Used for: envelope liners, belly bands, packaging, mailing labels, and a million other things, honestly



02. Tombow Mono Adhesive Refills

You'll want to go ahead and stock up on some refills ahead of time (or don't...because 2 day #primeshipping for the win!)


03. iPad Pro Folio Case (not as ugly as the image)

Used for: protecting my iPad pro (aka my third child), assisting me in the ever-challenging task of not loosing the Apple pencil, and making me look super legit with the awesome camel-colored leather covering (insert emoji with sunglasses)


04. Tombow MonoTwin Permanent Marker

Used for: anything, anything at all. Seriously the best marker in all the land with a thick tip and a thin tip. I use this for every day writing, envelope addressing, my planner and larger desk calendar, gift tags, writing my children's names in their clothes for school (lol) and the list goes on. It's my go-to!


05. Brown Kraft Card Stock (8.5 x 11) for At-Home Printing

Used for: short runs on digital print orders that would like kraft paper; it prints amazingly and is just an easy go-to. It's obviously not what I use for larger orders since that wouldn't be economical, but if you're wanting this for at-home printing, you can't go wrong!