Hi there! I'm Carlie, the owner and graphic designer behind The Brumby Nest, a paper goods and design company that offers an array of stationery and graphic design services. My mission is to design your unique narrative onto paper. Why? Because one day you'll look back at this beautiful design and will be overwhelmed with a grateful sense of happiness and joy. Especially for my sweet couples out there celebrating the best day of their new life together.

You know what? I don't even remember what my own wedding invitations looked like. And it wasn't so long ago either. Why? Because I was so overwhelmed with "checking it off the list" and finding a good sale on one of those sites where I probably shared a design with thousands of other brides that I didn't even consider all that I was missing out on. My only concerns were checking it off the list, making sure it somewhat resembled colors I might be going for, and getting a sale.

What if I had invested in the memory it would capture - of everyone dancing and celebrating, of the details within the eucalyptus leaves or the heirloom diamond passed down from my sweet grandmother? What if I had incorporated the beautiful mountain scenery or the oh-so carefully orchestrated playlist that will forever make me laugh and smile? Man, it could have been great!

And that is why I couldn't be more excited to make sure that your story evolves into a timeless heirloom that celebrates everything you are and nothing you aren't. It will be the first thing your guests see, and in my experience an immediate "I can't wait to celebrate with you" because they're already excited.