Hi there! I'm Carlie, the owner and designer behind The Brumby Nest LLC, an invitation and paper goods company that offers an array of stationery and design services. I currently live just a bit north of Atlanta, Georgia with my favorite dance partner (my husband) and the two little loves of our lives (Madison, age four, and Theodore, age two.) When I'm not designing lovely items for The Brumby Nest, you can find me hanging with friends and family while enjoying excellent food paired with one of the following: an IPA, Atlanta Hard Cider's Crisp Apple Craft Cider, or a [pitcher of] margarita[s]. But if I'm being practical, you'll more than likely find me cozied up in my pajamas for a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones marathon with my A+ husband. My favorite social activity of choice (sans kiddos) is visiting new breweries, and I love gardening so much that I'm constantly heartbroken there's not enough time in the day to be a mom, wife, stationer, graphic designer, AND a farmer (well, I'd just grow flowers and veggies if we're getting detailed and all.)

If you want to take this whole introduction thing a step further, there's this one personality test that I find almost too much truth in. My results? I'm just about as INFJ as you can get. There ya have it...everything you need to know right there in that INFJ summary. Now it's your turn to take the test and tell me more about yourself! Which personality type are you?

(Pssst....the image above was taken by the amazingly talented Evamore Photography at Sleepy Hollow Farms (where some of Stranger Things was filmed)...fun fact of the day!)

The Story

The first time I realized I might fall into the creative realm was news to me. I was the new kid in second grade and it was time for the annual end-of-year awards ceremony. I remember hearing my name called and instantly feeling the temperature of my face skyrocket as it began burning red with embarrassment and confusion. I had won the Art Award...wait, what? Fast-forward to five years ago when I had just graduated college with an English degree, and I found myself pursuing graphic design at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design.) From that point on, my creative soul was set on fire (you know, in a good way) and I found myself thrilled to be swimming in a sea of new and exciting possibilities.

Throughout the next few years, I really enjoyed working on projects for friends and family alike; I even decided to open up a shop in 2014 with the intention of creating a few listings. That never happened, but nonetheless, the name "The Brumby Nest" was born as we cozied on up in our tiny little Marietta loft with a ten month old in tow and another little nugget on the way. (The name "The Brumby Nest" actually originated from an amazing little combination of coincidences.) First and foremost, "Brumby" has been my husband's nickname since his childhood days; it derives from our last name (Brumbach) and easily made it's way onto many baseball jerseys and usernames alike. So when we got married, it was an obvious choice for me. Additionally, when I opened up this little shop that wouldn't launch for another two years, we lived in "The Brumby Lofts" and the coincidence just seemed like a match made in heaven so I committed to the name and called it day.

Press that fast forward button once again to October 2016, and the same amazing friends and family pushed me to officially launch The Brumby Nest...so I launched it like I meant it. Immediately drawn to the fact that I was able to collaborate with amazing people to bring their dreams to life, I went in full-throttle and never looked back. And thank goodness, because putting my heart and soul into each and every day's work is more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I'm super excited that The Brumby Nest has grown into a creative space where collaborative magic happens to create designs that are as meaningful as they are aesthetically pleasing. I couldn't be more grateful for my incredible clients and am always looking forward to an exciting future ahead.